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Cipro is an antibiotic used to treat different kinds of infections.




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What is Cipro used for? 

Evidence for the use of film-coated tablets and an infusion solution the use of Cipro in the form of pills and mortars is shown for the treatment of contagious diseases caused by ciprofloxacin-sensitive micro-organisms, including: teeth, mouth, jaw, gastrointestinal tract infections; Ear, throat and nose infection; respiratory tract infections; Gallbladder infections and biliary paths; Kidney infections and tract paths; Bone-muscular infection; of mucous shells, skin and soft tissue infections; Post-natal infections; Infections of the genital organs (prostate, gonorrhoea, adnexitis); Sepsis; Peritonitis.


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How the Siproed tablet drug works

In our world, most diseases are caused by bacteria. Nowadays, without the use of antibacterial drugs, antibiotics and antimicrobials, we cannot avoid it. The Cipro is very popular with medical practitioners, who are appointed to fight a large list of infections and infectious diseases. However, patients often have the question of whether or not “Cipro” is an antibiotic. The confusion is caused by the different sources defining it differently. So let’s deal with it.

“Cipro” is an antibiotic or not?

In fact, there is no clear-cut answer to this question. There are still disputes over which group of medication should be fluoroquinolones. Their action is designed to disrupt the DNA synthesis of the micro-organism and its further demise. And these substances are active with respect to micro-organisms, both in the rest and in the breeding phase. Their range of activities is aimed at destroying Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, which allows them to be used in various infectious diseases. This is the main resemblance of Ftorhinolonov with antibiotics. However, both chemicals differ from one another with chemical structure and origin. Unlike antibiotics, which are a product of natural origin or a synthetic analogy, fluoroquinolones have no analogue in nature. So the question of whether or not “Cipro” is an antibiotic is highly debatable. The feature of the “Cipro” medication, as mentioned above, is a antibacterial instrument of artificial origin. The active substance is ciprofloxacin from the Ftorhinolonov group, which has the following properties: adversely affects most microbes; Easy to penetrate into the cells and tissues of the body; For prolonged use, there is no addictive organism; Do not cause qualitative and quantitative damage to vaginal and intestinal microflora. All of these qualities are inherent in the Cipro. When you hit a bacterial cell, the medication prevents the formation of enzymes that take part in the breeding of infectious agents, and then the germ cells die. Nowadays, drugs are assigned to treat many diseases because it has a wide range of activities and only some bacteria are resistant to it. In the main, “Cipro” is used at the initial stage of the disease or when other medications are ineffective. Today there are four generations of Ftorhinolonov. “Cipro” (antibiotic) refers to the 2nd generation. It effectively fights harmful bacteria, such as Coli, staph and Streptococcus. The medication is well and quickly absorbeded in the intestines, and then enters the blood with which it enters tissues, organs and bones. The body comes mainly with urine and the rest is abundant and bile. As a result of the many feedback on the drug, it can be concluded that this is a reasonably reliable and effective tool that could help even in the worst cases. Medical practice shows that very many micro-organisms are sensitive to “Cipro”. The drug works where the rest of the antibiotics are powerless. However, it should not be forgotten that, like all antibiotics, “cipro” has some contraindications. Therefore, in order not to cause serious harm to health, it is better not to engage in self-medication, but to consult a doctor. With us you’ll always be able to get ciprofloxacin info and Cipro price comparison and find our lowest prices.