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Priligy is a medicine used for premature ejaculation therapy.

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Sexual life is very important for all people. If everything is fine in the private life of a person, all the other spheres of life will also be successful. Sexual satisfaction can reduce stress, help to sleep well, leads to the relaxation of brain and body. Family without nightlife is usually not a very happy family.


One of the reasons of problems in sex is the problem of premature ejaculation.


Premature ejaculation is sexual dysfunction, which means the impossibility to control an ejaculation. Although it is the problem in the medical sphere, very often women pay attention to their partner’s premature ejaculation and break up with men, who have such health problems. Therefore, the premature ejaculation represents not only a medical, but also social problem as its existence sometimes leads to the divorce.


The specialist has answered some popular questions on the topic. Here are the questions and the answers.


Question № 1

Hi! My name is Mike. I am 16 years old. I live in Australia. Actually, I have a great problem with my girlfriend. We have tried to have sex for several times, but each time I have ejaculation even before it comes to the very beginning of the process itself. I feel ashamed and do not know what to do. I have heard about the priligy tablets. Will they help?



According to your question, you are 16 years old. To have premature ejaculation in your age is quite normal, especially if this was your first sexual experience. So it is nothing to worry about. You are just too young, the problem will be solved in some time automatically. In spite of the fact that you can buy priligy in Australia, we don’t recommend it. It is used only after 18.


Question № 2

Hi! My name is Olga. My husband and I live in a happy marriage. We are together for already 10 years. Everything was great, but not long ago the duration of sexual intercourse became less than 2 minutes I can not have any sexual satisfaction. Thisduration isn’t sufficient for receiving sexual satisfaction with both of us, not only me. I have heard about priligy tablets. What can you say about priligy effectiveness?



In your question you havn’t mentioned the age of your husband. But it is obvious that he is more than 18. You are right – to improve the quality of the sex life many doctors appoint to the patients Dapoksetin’s reception. Results of the conducted surveys show that at observance of all Regulations of Admission this medicine really increases time of sexual intercourse. About 80% of the patients who are regularly taking the drug are happy with result of treatment.


Question № 3

Hi! My name is Nick. I am 30. Actually I have never had any problems with girls. I am handsom and smart. But for already half a year my girlfriends are not satisfied with me at night. I have early ejaculation. Can you help me? I know there are some tablets, but I am to shy to go and by them in the drug store. Do you know where to buy dapoxetine online? Or I know there is another name of this medicine – priigy. May be I can buy priligy online?



Dear Nick! Do not be shy. People of your age with such a problem can be met quite often nowadays. There are several reasons for it:


  • nervousness of nervous system;
  • hyper sensibility of a head of a penis;
  • injuries of a spinal cord (e.g. osteochondrosis, injuries of a spinal cord);
  • urological problems (prostatitis, inflammation of a seed hillock, short bridle of a penis);
  • premature ejaculation can be caused by the weakened erection.


But priligy effectiveness is proved. You can order priligy online – it is quite simple. If you do it – you will not have to go to the drug store and feel uncomfortable. A lot of people buy dapoxetine online and no one knows about their problems.


Question № 4

Hi! I live in Canada. Can I buy priligy in Canada? It is also OK for me to buy priligy in USA, if priligy is for sale there.



Hi! You can buy priligy both in Canada and in USA. By the way, priligy cost will be the same. Even priligy Italia and priligy Portugal have the same price. And it is really great and very convenient.


Question № 5

Hi! How can I be sure that dapoxetine will help me?



Hi! Thank you for your question. The results of the conducted surveys show that this medicine really increases time of sexual intercourse. About 80% of the patients who are regularly taking the drug are happy with result of treatment.


Medicine was invented as means for treatment of a depression. But as a result of researches it was established that dapoxetineis also suitable for correction of duration of sexual intercourse.Effect of the medicine begins in 1-2 hours after reception and remains for 2-3 hours. Then active ingredient is removed from an organism.

If you are not sure, you can order dapoxetine trial pack. And after try you will be able to order the full pack of generic priligy. Dapoxetine trial pack has already been ordered by a lot of people from all over the world.


Question № 6

Hi! Do I need prescription to buy priligy? So, I have to go to the doctor?



No, you can buy priligy without prescription. More than that, you can buy dapoxetinepaypal. So, it is not a problem. We wish you be healthy!